Stuart Lacey

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Stuart Lacey
Chief Executive


Stuart is Chief Executive of ElectraLink, a central body in the competitive UK electricity industry which is owned by the distribution network operators (DNOs). ElectraLink’s role is to operate the secure data service which enables electricity customers to switch suppliers and supports other business processes between market participants. ElectraLink also provides services to support competition in the gas metering market.Since 2010 Stuart has been responsible for ensuring that ElectraLink steps up to play a major role in providing the data management, interoperability and governance services underpinning the rollout of ‘Smart’ infrastructure across the UK energy industry.

Before joining ElectraLink, Stuart was the Commercial Director of BT’s largest financial services client and Chief Operating Officer of its health division. Stuart joined BT following the acquisition of Infonet, a US quoted provider of outsourced IT and network services, where he was Managing Director of its UK subsidiary.

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