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Smart Grid World Summit 2014
What our Speakers & Delegates Say

Smart Grid World Summit has been a great event, there’s a lot of people here from all across the industry – it allows a lot of networking. We are able to keep up to date on what’s happening in the marketplace, share best practice.

--Paul Eggleton - Head of Smart Energy, TELEFONICA UK

I must say I’m really impressed about the quality of speakers, the number of attendees and the interesting talks we had so far.

--George Steimel - Head of M2M Solutions, HUAWEI

I liked the variety of the topics being covered, there’s an excellent cross industry representation. It gave us a wonderful platform and an opportunity to help us to share with the audience and with our wider customers, what is it that we’re doing in the different industries.

--Martin Dunlea - Global Industries Lead, ORACLE

I found the Smart Grid World Summit 2012 to be really useful for me, I’ve met a number of key vendors that I’ve not come across before, I’ve met a number of people from the industry with whom I’ve been able to network and I’ve learnt some useful new things and in essence I’ve just found it to be a very enjoyable day with an agenda that’s met my requirements.

--Laurence Carpanini - Director of Smart Metering & Smart Grids, IBM (UK)

I’m very happy and excited to be at the Smart Grid World Event, and I think it’s really one of the leading conferences of it’s kind…we think the market is very advanced, the competition is very strong so you get a lot out of it from all the participants at the conference. But it’s all the topics, they are very topical its a very nice agenda, a set of different views on Smart Grid, its not just talking about technology, demand supply and metering; it has much incorporated real business issues, also towards Big Data that’s something we really like a lot specially from Cumulocity’s product portfolio point of view.

--Bernd Gross - CEO, CUMULOCITY

The Smart Grid World Summit has been a great event, we’re here because its really important to get into the specifics of particular vertical sectors when youre looking at as we do at the M2M market. So you can’t just cover this simply by talking about M2M you need to be talking about the particular specifics of the verticals and there’s a lot of people here to do that, lot of people from utilities and various other players from the value chain – all valuable stuff.

--Matt Hatton - Managing Director, MACHINA RESEARCH

Smart Grid 2012 gives us an opportunity to look at the whole scale, so looing at the communication side, the M2M space, the data side and also listen to some of the clients as well what their requirements are. So I think thats a really unique opportunity.

--Michael Lewis - Industry Principal (Energy, Utilities & Telecoms), SAP

The Smart Grid World Summit has been an excellent forum for us to actually engage with partners, with our competitors and actually have a really good discussion and a good networking ability really to understand where are the opportunities, what are the challenges we’re all facing because I think the more we collaborate the better the future outcome will be for the energy market that we’re gonna find ourselves operating in.

--Hayley Dunlop - Smart Grid Director, GE ENERGY